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OXT Alienvault#

OXT Alienvault is the world’s first and largest truly open threat intelligence community. OTX provides access to a global community of threat researchers and security professionals, with more than 100,000 participants in 140 countries, who contribute over 19 million threat indicators daily. OTX allows anyone in the security community to actively discuss, research, validate, and share the latest threat data, trends, and techniques, thereby helping one another strengthen cyber defenses and raise awareness of emerging threats on a global level.


You need a valid OXT Alienvault API subscription to use the analyzer.

  • Provide your API key as values for the key parameter.


Author: Eric Capuano
License: AGPL-V3
Version: 2.0
Supported observables types:
- url
- domain
- file
- hash
- ip
Registration required: True
Subscription required: True
Free subscription: True
Third party service:


Query AlienVault OTX for IPs, domains, URLs, or file hashes.


key Define the API key to use to connect the service
Default value if not configured N/A
Type of the configuration item string
The configuration item can contain multiple values False
Is required True

Templates samples for TheHive#

OTX Alienvault: long report

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