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Intezer is a subscription-based SaaS product that provides rapid malware detection and analysis.

The analyzer comes in a single flavour that permits user to upload files and detect code reuse in trusted and malicious software, and obtain new insights and information about malware families and threat actors.


You need a valid Intezer Community API integration subscription to use the analyzer.

  • Provide your API key as values for the key parameter.


Author: Matteo Lodi
License: AGPL-v3
Version: 1.0
Supported observables types:
- file
Registration required: True
Subscription required: True
Free subscription: True
Third party service:


Analyze a possible malicious file with Intezer Analyzer


key API key for Intezer
Default value if not configured N/A
Type of the configuration item string
The configuration item can contain multiple values False
Is required True

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