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This analyzer lets you query the free Maltiverse Threat Intelligence platform for enrichment information about a particular hash, domain, ip or url.

The analyzer comes in a single flavour that will return Maltiverse additional information categorization for provided ip.


You can specify time interval between two requests attempts for the report with the polling_interval parameter.


Author: ottimo
License: AGPL-V3
Version: 1.0
Supported observables types:
- hash
- domain
- ip
- url
Registration required: False
Subscription required: False
Free subscription: False
Third party service:


Get the latest Maltiverse report for an hash, domain or an IP address.


polling_interval Define time interval between two requests attempts for the report
Default value if not configured 60
Type of the configuration item number
The configuration item can contain multiple values False
Is required False

Templates samples for TheHive#

Maltiverse: long report

Last update: November 15, 2021 06:39:12